Service Clubs and Community Organizations ("Clubs") 

No cost, no obligation.  Earn your share of tens of thousands of dollars in cash awards from local businesses, as your members continue to do what they already do, every day: shop.  

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7/8/9 Figure Sales & Marketing Results.  
Measured To The Penny.  
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Local Media:  $125k-$1 MM Per Market - ​In The First 13 Weeks -
​Broadcasters, Print, Digital Media

Give your advertisers what your competition can't - notarized sales results. Without having to change how you sell, jump your premium rate advertising sales by $125,000 to $1 million in 13 weeks - in markets as as large as NYC and Toronto, and as small as Lindsay, ON and Gettysburg, PA. 

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No local media and advertiser promotion has raised money for more local service clubs and organizations ("clubs") than CCA: 6,000+ campaigns, 1,000+ markets.  CCA organizes your market's clubs to earn their share of tens of thousands in local advertiser-funded cash awards.  Club members, friends, family shop at the local media company's exclusive CCA advertisers.  Clubs earn weekly cash awards based on their activity as documented by the local CCA Director.  See how it works - for clubs, advertisers and media:

Advertisers - Be The Category-Exclusive Sponsor In Your Market

Notarized sales results that you can measure to the penny.  No paperwork required, no additional discounting beyond your regular and sale pricing policies - just sell like you normally sell, while gaining new customers, and keeping existing customers.  

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